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Ergonomic Analysis

​Are you experiencing too many restrictions, lost time or surgeries related to repetitive motion? WSC can perform an ergonomic analysis of your work areas in the office or on the factory floor and make recommendations to reduce repetitive motion injuries. Many corrective actions can be completed with inexpensive engineering control solutions.

OSHA Interface

OSHA was onsite and at the closing meeting they explained that they found deficiencies in your S&H program. Now what? Many times if OSHA believes that the company will take the citations seriously and is committed to improving the S&H program they will agree to settle for significantly reduced penalties and in some cases no penalties. WSC can meet and negotiate with OSHA on your behalf.

Accident Investigation/OSHA Recordkeeping/Workers Compensation

Your Company had an accident. Is it OSHA recordable? How do I document it? How do I learn from it? WSC can be your on call resource to complete accident investigations, identify root causes/corrective actions, complete required documentation and handle workers compensation.

Loss Control

Are your larger competitors offering loss control services that you can’t afford with a full time employee? Would you like to offer a service to help your existing customers grow? You can hire WSC on an as-needed basis for site inspections, training, toolbox talks, or as a resource for your customers.

Accident Trend Analysis

Is your company having too many accidents? Are they related? Do they have similarities? WSC can review your accident records and look for patterns related to job tasks, employees, etc. and recommend corrective actions. This analysis is a key component of risk management.

Industrial Hygiene Monitoring

Are employees complaining about headaches, queasiness, etc. when working with chemicals? WSC can identify which chemicals are causing the concern and conduct industrial hygiene monitoring to determine exposure levels. WSC can help implement appropriate controls to reduce exposure.

Noise Monitoring

Is your workplace too loud? Should you have a hearing conservation program? WSC can evaluate noise levels, provide guidance on the OSHA regulations and implement a hearing conservation program as necessary.

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Contract Employment

Did your S&H manager resign? Have a project to complete? WSC can be hired on a short-term basis to fill in or complete projects.

Comprehensive OSHA Audits

Does your S&H management system meet OSHA’s requirements? Do you need an independent set of eyes to evaluate it? WSC can evaluate your existing S&H programs for compliance, best management practices and maturity level.

Hazard Assessments (JHA & PHA)

The most effective way to ensure your employees go home in the same or better condition than when they came to work is to reduce risk and prevent injuries before they happen. WSC can conduct Job hazard analysis (JHA) and process hazard analysis (PHA), two great tools to identify and correct unsafe conditions before injuries occur.

S&H Training

​Don’t have the time or resources to complete required training? WSC can train employees to your existing S&H programs or programs developed by WSC.

Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Organization

Is your SDS binder outdated, non-existent, and/or disorganized? Hazard Communication is OSHA’s easiest standard to cite, they can evaluate it from the conference room. WSC can inventory your hazardous chemicals, accumulate the SDSs and organize them in any format.

S&H Program Development

Do you have all of the written programs required by OSHA? WSC can evaluate what programs are needed and modify existing programs or prepare them specifically.

S&H Program Requirements

OSHA requires PPE assessments, LOTO inspections, confined space inventories, etc. Are you completing them? WSC can complete these program requirements.

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First Aid/ CPR/ AED Training

OSHA requires companies to provide first aid/ CPR/ and AED training if employees perform electrical energized work or if the fire department response will take too long. Training can be in person or with a combination of in person and online.


We provide services for manufacturing, chemical, insurance, government, commercial, and construction industries.

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